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About Us


Lumbee Regional Development Association, Inc. (LRDA) was created to provide services for the Lumbee Indian communities. With main offices in Pembroke, NC, LRDA has worked aggressively to improve services for members of the Lumbee Tribe. The Board of Directors for many years served as the governing body of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. The Staff and Board members of LRDA have extensive experience in human services, governmental services, operations of grant-funded programs, and Indian affairs. The Board of Directors has connections to grassroots Lumbee communities as well as local, state, and federal governmental offices.​LRDA is committed to providing a range of valuable services that assist disadvantaged Indian people. The organization works with several governmental organizations to provide services and improve social and economic conditions in Lumbee communities.  LRDA's mission is to continuously assess the needs of Indian people and others in our service area, work to improve the quality of life, and develop and/or obtain resources to fill the gap in the ongoing provision of social, health, economic, housing, education, job development, and training services to meet the needs of our client population.​The LRDA Board of Directors continues to support the sovereignty, traditions, culture, and values of the Lumbee people. LRDA continues to seek public input and support for its programs, services, and activities. LRDA is the main sponsor for the Lumbee Homecoming, which takes place each year around the week of the fourth of July.


Lumbee Regional Development Association, Inc. in addition to providing education, employment, and training, and housing assistance services we provide space “incubator for new small businesses.” LRDA began providing rental space to the private sector in 2005 and since that time several small businesses that set up at the LRDA Complex on Prospect Road have outgrown the space provided to grow into other outside facilities. Such businesses include Native Visions magazine. Currently, LRDA houses two other for-profit businesses in its facility: Heavenly Touch Home Healthcare & R & R Protective Services. By providing low affordable rent which comes with “business incubators” norms such as high-speed internet, existing phone service, janitorial services, water and garbage pickup, security system, grounds, and yard maintenance with electricity included in the base rent, private or public sector businesses are assured extensive savings in starting up their operation.

In addition to the above, these businesses receive some limited receptionist services as well.  Since the 1980s, throughout America, such “incubator business services” have helped thousands of small businesses to grow and create hundreds of thousands of jobs. LRDA’s modern facility also offers tenants a T1 phone line for “real-time” financial transaction posting and high-tech video conferencing, including a board conference room, and a training assembly room that seats up to 150 for group needs. Small businesses create more jobs in NC and America than major industries and are the lifeblood of the nation’s economy.  LRDA is proud to do its part to promote economic development. Contact us at 910.521.8602 if you are looking for office space for your small business.​

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