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To invite the Ambassadors to your event click the link above. For help or questions regarding the Ambassadors contact Natascha W. Tilson at or call 910-522-2123

LRDA, in partnership with Eagle Solar & Light and Sunwealth, recently celebrated the commencement of LRDA’s new rooftop solar system.

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The Lumbee Warriors Association representatives are shown presenting to the LRDA Board of Directors and management a framed Insignia representing the military events in our nation since its founding that Lumbee Warriors, men, and women, have participated in defending this country, including the KKK Uprising against the Lumbee people in 1958 at the Maxton Pond. The Insignia was presented in appreciation for LRDA’s long-standing support of Lumbee Veterans. Presenting the award is Command Sergeant Major, US Army Retired, Gary Deese, Head Warrior of the Lumbee Warrior’s Association, and Master Chief, US Navy Retired, David Locklear. Mr. Deese also serves on the LRDA board. Standing from right to left are LRDA board members, Mr. Earl Cummings, Treasurer/Secretary, Mr. Larry Jacobs, veteran, LRDA Chairman, Mr. Horace Hunt, veteran, and James Hardin, Chief Executive Officer of LRDA, Inc. Absent from the photo was Mr. Lemark Harris, Ms. Peggy Hunt, and Mr. Bobby Dean Locklear, veteran. The Lumbee Tribe has over 5000 veterans that have served this nation in the various branches of the US military.



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Mr. Travis Bryant, MPA
Chief Executive Officer 

Our mission is to continuously assess the needs of Indian people and others in our service area, work to improve the quality of life, develop and/or obtain resources to fill the gap in the ongoing provision of social, health, economic, housing, education, job development and training services to meet the needs of our client population.

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