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The Lumbee Warriors Association leaders presented to Mr. James Hardin, Chief Executive Officer, before his retirement from LRDA, Inc., on January 31st, a Lumbee Warriors Portrait for his many years of support to the Lumbee Warriors Association and its mission on behalf of all veterans. Mr. Hardin stated that this is a great honor to me personally and my family by the Lumbee Warriors Association because our Lumbee Tribal veterans are all those who helped in all of this nation’s major War conflicts to provide the rights and privileges. We all enjoy and live under today.  I accept this on behalf of my family and brother, Wade Hardin, who served and survived to come home from the Vietnam War. Making the presentation to Mr. Hardin is Mr. Gary Deese, Head Warrior of the Lumbee Warriors Association, and Vice-Chairman of LRDA, Inc., and Mr. Joe Locklear, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp and Color Guard Leader for the Warriors Association.  


Lumbee Homecoming 2023 

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Our mission is to continuously assess the needs of Indian people and others in our service area, work to improve the quality of life, and develop and/or obtain resources to fill the gap in the ongoing provision of social, health, economic, housing, education, job development, and training services to meet the needs of our client population.

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Travis Bryant, MA
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