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Updated: September 17,2012


 Kenneth D. Allen (US Army) - Prospect, NC

Commander Gary L. Ashby (USN) Retired Monticello, Illinois - Currently residing in Ofallon, IL




Jerry Baker, Jr. (Navy) Capt. Retired - Lumberton, NC - Resides in Norfolk, VA

SSG John L. Bateman (US Army) Retired - Andrews, NC

SSG Terry F. Bateman (US Army) Disabled Veteran - Andrews, NC

SFC Danny Beissel (Army) Retired - Colorado Springs, CO

SPC Adam Korry Belcher (US Army National Guard) - Maxton NC

Calvin A. Bethea (US Navy Retired) - Prospect, NC

CMSgt Gregory Blue (USAF) Parkton, NC - Stationed in Royal Air Force Mildenhall, England

SSG Crystie Blue USAREC (Army) Roanoke, VA

SFC Daniel Nicholas Borja (US Army) - San Diega, CA - Stationed in Ft. Knox, KY

MSGT Ricky Brayboy (USAF) - Pembroke, NC - USAF Academy, CO

SFC Thurman Brayboy (US Army) Reitred - Pembroke, NC - Resides in Price George, VA

SPC Dano Brewer (Red Springs National Guard) - Maxton, NC

Lt. Col. Eric Tsali Brewington (USAF) - Stationed at AFSOC Hurlburt Field, FL

TSgt Gerald Brooks (USAF) - Serving in San Antonio, Texas

SGT Andy Craig Brub (USMC E-5) Resides in MCRD Parris Island, SC

Carlis Bryant, Jr. (Army) - SFC Retired  - Maxton, NC - Resides in Pembroke, NC

Ray Allen Bryant (E8 Msgt. USMC - Retired) - Pembroke, NC

Amn Carolyn Dawn Bullard (US Air Force) - Rex, NC

Spec. Charles D. Bullard Jr. (Army) Prospect, NC - Stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA

PFC Roger Derrick Bullard (US Army) - Pembroke, NC

LTC Tony Bullard (US Army Special Operations Command) - Prospect, NC  - Stationed in Ft. Bragg

Fred Burlison (Navy) Seaman USS Independence CVA-62 (65-69) - Norwich, NY



AOAA Justin Canady (Navy) - Thomasville, NC - USS Essex (LHD-2) Sasebo, Japan

CTT3 Jessica L. Canady (Navy) - Lumberton, NC - Stationed on USS Whidbey Island - Little Creek, VA

Donald W. Canady (Navy) Petty Officer 1st Class Retired - Lumberton, NC

C.O. Carter, Jr... (USMC) Corporal Decreased- Served in the Korean War

PFC Randy L. Carter 3CC G3 (Army) Fairmont, NC - Stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany - deployed to Balad, Iraq

SSG Tony Carter (US ARMY) Retired - Pembroke, NC

PFC Carlton Hayes Chavis (Deceased-1955) WWII (US Army) - Fairmont, NC

Dixon Chavis (US Army) - Deceased

Hughie Preston Chavis, Jr (Army) MSGT Retired - Red Springs, NC - Current Station - Waynesboro, PA & Fort Detrick, MD

Jerry Lynn Chavis (Army)  E-5 Vietnam Veteran - Pembroke, NC

SPC Krystal Chavis (Army Reserves) - Raeford, NC - Stationed in Iraq

Phillip Steven Chavis - Prescott, AZ

SGT. Ray Chavis, (Deceased-2007) WWII (combat) Italy, Quartermasters, Ft. Lee VA - Fairmont, NC

1st Lt. Robert Earl Chavis, Jr (National Guard Company B) - Pembroke, NC

TSGT. Samuel Vernon Chavis (Deceased -1982) WWII (US Army) - Fairmont, NC

Ted Chavis (Army) SPC-5 -  Pembroke, NC

Vernon Chesley Chavis YN3 (USCG) Pembroke, NC - PSC Topeka Kansas

Marco W. Clark (HMCS - E8) - Retired - Pembroke, NC

Cpl. William Coleman (USMC) Bridger, MT

CPO Dwayne Mark Collins (US Navy) - Maxton, NC - Stationed at Norfolk, VA

PVT Jamane Conely (Army) - Pembroke, NC

Howard E. Cross (USAF) Retired Senior Master Sargeant - Maxton, NC

Dennis Cummings (Navy) - Seaman Detroit, MI

Harrell "Hardy" Cummings (Army) Veteran E-5 - Fairmont, NC

Milton Cummings, Jr (E-5 US Army) - Lumberton, NC

SGT Perry Cummings (Laurinburg National Guard) - Pembroke, NC

SRA Welbert Cummings (USAF 73-77) (Army National Guard (Spc) 79-88) - Pembroke, NC

William Wade Cummings (Army) Veteran E-4 - Fairmont, NC




Airman 1st Class Heather Nichole Deese (US Air Force) - Maxton, NC

1st Lt. Joshua Deese (2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division) Schofield Barracks, Hawaii - Died on October 15 in Balad, Iraq.

SGT (E-5) Ray Garrett Deese (United States Army) Active-Duty - Pembroke, NC.

BU2 Robert D. Deese Jr. (Navy 92-00) - Maxton, NC - Stationed at the Presidential Retreat Camp David, MD

James D. Dial (USN USS McKinley Seaman WWII) From Pembroke, NC

SSGT Donald D. Dimery (ARMY) - Disabled American Vet - Pembroke, NC

Terry Matthew DimeryI (Navy) - Pembroke, NC - Active Duty at Stennis Space Center (CNMOC)




Major Troy N. Ellis (US Army) - Silverdale, WA - Stationed 97th Civil Affairs Commander, D. CO. Fort Bragg, NC

Sgt Bobby Emanuel (Army National Guard) - Shannon, NC

LCPL David Chad Emanuel (USMC) - Saddletree Community

James Cameron Epps (Navy) Retired - Saddletree Area





SrA Tffany L(Bell) Ferrer (USAF) - Lumberton, NC - Stationed at Maxwell AFB, AL deployed to Baghdad

CPL. Bobby Dean Freeman (Red Springs National Guard) - Maxton, NC

Lt. Col. Brenda Finnicum (Retired USA Nurse Corps) - Freeville, NY

A1C Cledell Freeman (US Air Force) Honorably Discharged - Lumberton, NC

SGT.  Glenda Freeman E5 (US ARMY) - Lumberton, NC

Capt. James D. Freeman (Air Force) - Fairmont, NC - Stationed in Ramstein Air Base, Germany

C1C Kyland  Brett Freeman (Air Force Academy) - Fairmont, NC - Colorado Springs, CO

MSgt Lennis Ray Freeman (USMC) Retired - Lumberton, NC

2nd Lt. Lindsay D. Freeman (Air Force) - Fairmont, NC - AF Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

Lori Kay Freeman (Air Force) - Fairmont, NC

Ronnie D. Freeman (USN Submarines) Retired - ETCS (SS)] Fairmont, NC





Pricilla J. Gaddy (Navy) - HM/E6 - Baltimore, MD

Lawrence B. Garner (Army) – Shannon, NC

LTC Charline Locklear Gerepka (Army Nurse Corps) - Lumberton, NC - Stationed at Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii

Petty Officer Alonzo "Walt" Goins III (Navy) - Lincolnton, NC - Operation Iraqi Freedom

Donnie Goins (Army) SFC Retired - Shannon, NC

David L. Graham (US Navy) Retired OSC (SW/AW) - Lumberton, NC - Resides in Jacksonville, FL




SPC Archie Wayne Hagins (US Army) - Desert Storm Vet - Lumberton, NC

1SG Bobby R. Hagins (Army) Retired - Allenton, NC - currently living at Ft Hood, Texas

Gregory A. Hammonds (US Navy) 3rd Class Radioman '75-'79 - Elizabeth, NJ

Maj. Jimmy Hans Hammonds (Air Force) - Red Springs, N.C.

SFC James E. Hammonds (Army - Retired) - Red Springs, NC

Charles (Howard) Harding (Army) Vietnam SPC-4 - Laurinburg, NC

SrA Sarah Harper (USAF) - Lumberton, NC - Stationed at Minot AFB, ND

Major Joseph Harris (Army) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed in Djibouti, Africa

SFC Chris Hatcher (Army MP) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC

SSG Gabe Huerta(82nd ABN DIV) - Fayetteville, NC - Stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC

Barry Hunt (USAF) SrA - Lumberton, NC - Resides in NJ

Brandy Lynette Hunt (US. Navy) - Pembroke, NC

Petty Officer 3rd Class Brandy L. Hunt (Navy) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed in Norfolk, VA

LCPL Courtney L. Hunt - Hoke County

Sgt. Courtney L. Hunt K-9 Handler (USMC) - Stationed in Camp Gannon, Husaybah, Iraq

David Allen Hunt (Retired Air Force Disabled Vet) - Lumberton, NC

CW3 Gerlad Hunt (US Army) Retired - Pembroke, NC

SPC Grady A. Hunt (ARMY National Guard) - Pine Grove, PA

Hal M. Hunt Jr. HM3 (Navy) Retired - Maxton, NC

HM3 Hal Hunt (Navy) - Pembroke, NC

Petty Officer 3rd Class Hal Hunt (Navy) - Pembroke, NC

SSG Harold Hunt (US Army) Vietnam Veteran - Pembroke, NC

Sgt 1st Class James Harold Hunt II - Lexington , Ky (deceased)

SPC. James Kirby Hunt - Huntersville, NC - Stationed at Ft. Drum NY- will be deployed to Iraq 05-Aug

SSG Jamie L. Hunt (US Army) - Lumberton, NC

Lt. Col. John Derek Hunt (Air Force ) - Fairmont, NC - stationed in Colorado Springs, Co

Sgt. Jon Hunt (Recruiter) - Lumberton, NC

MM2/SS Jonathan G. Hunt (Navy) - Stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

SPC Joshua Allen Hunt E4

Margolious (Mark) Hunt (USMC) - Pembroke, NC

SPC Melodie Ann Hunt (Army National Guard) - Lumberton, NC

SFC Michael Thomas Hunt, Sr. (Army Nation Guard) - Mohave Valley AZ

Ronny Hunt (Army E-4) - St., NC - Stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska

SGT (E-5) Shirley Hunt (Army) - Fort Hood, Texas

AIC Timothy Hunt

MSgt Timothy R. Hunt (USAF) - Fairmont, NC - Stationed at Charleston Air Force Base

Willis H. Hunt (US Navy - GMC1) Fairmont, NC - Deceased








Captain Charles Jacobs (USAF) - Red Springs, NC - Stationed at Robins AFB ,GA

SSG Debra Jacobs-Fritz (USAR) - Virginia

Airman Wesley Jacobs (Navy) - Rowland, NC

Johnnie H. Jacobs (Army) MSG Retired - Pembroke, NC - Resides in Anderson, SC

Joseph Jacobs (E-5 National Guard) - Maxton, NC - Stationed in Iraq

MSgt Jeremy J. Jacobs (USAF) - Shannon, NC - Stationed at Dover AFB, DE

Ozell Jacobs (USMC) SSgt Vietnam Vet - Shannon, NC

PFC Justin Jacobs (Army Reserves)

Sgt. Gerald Jacobs (USMC) - Rowland, NC

Sgt. Gerald "Petie" Jacobs (USMC) - Rowland, NC

SGT. Jeremy J. Jacobs (USAF) - Shannon, NC

Arthur O. Johnson (Army) deceased PFC - McColl, SC

Donna M. Johnson, LCDR (Navy) - Fayetteville, NC

MSGT Bowman Jones, Sr. (US Army) - Retired, Olympia, Washington

1SG Chass Timothy Jones (US Army National Guard) serving with HHC 1-161 INF in Spokane, WA

Airman 1st Class Devarian Grant Jones (USAF) - Wagram, NC

Edward (Pete) Jones - Spec 4. Pembroke Army Paratrooper 1973-1977

TSgt Eric Jones (USAF) - Fairmont, NC

MA1 Gussie Jones (USN) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed at NSFD, Guam

MAJ John M. Jones (Army) - Fort Bragg, NC

Joseph Harold Jones, Jr (US Army) - Pembroke, NC

SSgt Kenneth L. Jones (USAF) Retired - Los Banos, CA




PFC Glenn D. Kerns (173rd Airborne Brigade) Died in battle of Dak To Vietnam, Nov. 11, 1967

Johnathan W. Kerns IT3 Petty Officer Third Class (Navy) - Lumberton, NC - Stationed in Norfolk, VA

PVT Keno C. Kerns (US Army) - Lumberton, NC - Stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA

Dan Junior Kirby (USMC) LCPL Retired - Lumberton, NC

SSG Billy Knight (US Army) - Rockingham, NC - Stationed at Fort Lewis, WA




LT. April Lynette Lemons (US Navy) Asheboro, NC

SGT Russell A. Leonard, Jr. (US Army Reserve) - MI

SPC Ricky Lewis - Fairmont, NC - Stationed at Ft. Carson, CO - Serving in Baghdad, Iraq

SPC Bonford Locklear (Red Springs National Guard) - Maxton, NC

SSG Brian Keith Locklear (Navy/Army) - Disabled Vet


Carl H. Locklear (USNR) Retired - San Diego, CA

Dallas Locklear (USAF) Jr. MSGT - Retired Palm Desert, CA

Lt. Davance Locklear (USAF Pilot) Pembroke, NC

David J. Locklear (USAF) - Elgin, SC

Dexter Locklear, Jr. FTC(SS) (US Navy) - Pembroke, NC - USS Rhode Island at Kings Bay, GA

Donny O. Locklear (LTCOL US Army) Retired - Blountville, TN

SSgt Duane S. Locklear (USAF) Fuquay-Varina, NC

SSG Dwight Locklear (Army) - Ft. Belvoir, VA

SF1 Eardmon Locklear (USAF) Retired - Waterford, CT

Edward Joseph Locklear (US Army) Fairmont, NC - WWII Stationed in Germany

CPL Grover Wesley Locklear (USMC) - Prospect, NC

SPC Heath Locklear (Red Springs National Guard) - Shannon, NC

SSGT Horace Locklear, Jr. (US Army) - Hawaii

Ret. Howard Locklear (Army) - Maxton, NC

Jack R. Locklear (USNR) Retired - Resides in Concord, NC

Cpl. James A. Locklear (Army) Korean War Veteran (deceased) - Rowland, NC

James E. Locklear (US Army) - Elgin, SC

CW3 James F. Locklear (Army Airborne) Retired - Lumberton, NC

Sgt. Jason H. Locklear (USMC) - Fort Walton Beach, FL - Stationed at Camp Legune, NC - Deployed to Iraq

CPL Jason Patrick Locklear (USMC) - Fairmont, NC - Stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC

Jeff Locklear (Army) - 1SG Retired - Shannon, NC

LCPL Joe L. Locklear (USMC) Served in Operation Desert Storm - Prospect, NC

Jonathan R. Locklear (NCAG) MAJ. C-130 Pilot - Lives in Charlotte, NC

Joseph Locklear (Army) SFC Retired - Rowland, NC

Joshua Locklear GSE3 (US Navy) - Maxton, NC

GSEFN Joshua L. Locklear (Navy) - Maxton, NC - Stationed in Norfolk, VA - Deployed to Mediterranean Sea "Iraq"

SSGT JR Locklear

SGT J.T. Locklear (National Guard) - Prospect, NC

BM3 Juan Locklear (Navy) - Pembroke, NC

SGT Juliet Locklear (Army) - Fayetteville, NC - Stationed in Fort Bliss, TX

Colonel Keith Locklear (Air National Guard)- Pembroke, NC  currently living in ClarkLake, Michigan

Kirby R. Locklear (USAF) Lt. Col Retired - Fort Walton Beach, FL

Col. Lynn Edward Locklear (Army) - Prospect, NC

SMSgt Melvin R. Locklear (USAF Security Police) - Glyndon, Minnesota

Michael J. Locklear (USAF) - Elgin, SC

SPC Mitchell Locklear (Red Springs National Guard) - Maxton, NC

CPT Nelson Lee Locklear (Army Nurse Corps) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed in Landstuhl, Germany

SGT Pat Locklear (Army Vietnam Veteran 69-71) - Raeford, NC

SFC Paul Locklear (US Army) - Baltimore, MD - Stationed in Fort Sill, OK

Lt. Col. Phil Locklear (USAF) - Prospect, NC

Sgt. Phillip R. Locklear (USMC) - Prospect

1SG Ricky Locklear (ARMY) - Red Springs, NC

SPC Rodney Ray Locklear (ARMY) - Pembroke/Maxton, NC

TSGT Ron Locklear (US Air Force) - California

1LT Ronald Locklear (Army) - Rennert, NC - Stationed in Ft. Riley, KS

Col. Stacy Locklear Jr. (USAF) - Stationed in Charlottesville, VA

PVT E2 Stephanie Locklear (Army) - Lumberton, NC

Teresa Annette Locklear [Carter] (Army) SPC Disabled - Red Springs, NC

LTJG Tommy Ray Locklear (Navy) - Lumberton, NC - currently stationed in Sasebo, Japan

SGT Velton Locklear III (Army) - Fayetteville, NC - Died while serving in Iraq 9-23-06

Velton Locklear Jr. (Army) SGM Retired- Lumberton, NC - Resides in Laredo, TX

MM2 William T. Locklear (Navy) - Mt Holly, NC - Stationed at Beaufort Naval Hospital, Beaufort, SC

Christopher Lowery (Army) - Pembroke, NC

Tsgt Darwyn Lowery (USAF) - Allons, TN - Stationed in MacDill AFB Florida

SFC Kenneth R. Lowery (Retired Army) - Elizabethtown, KY

Sgt Kevin M. Lowery (US Army Reserve) - Fayetteville, NC

SSG John W. Lowery (US Army & NCANG) - Aberdeen, NC - Stationed in Iraq

SGT. Leland Lowery (Army National Guard) Lumberton, NC Active , Iraq Veteran

Michael "Big Mike" Lowery (Army) Served in Desert Storm - Mt. Airy Community, Pembroke, NC

Michael Lowery (Retired US Army) from Red Springs, NC but lives in Dublin Ireland

SFC Terry R. Lowery (Retired US Army) - Heidelberg Germany

SFC Vickie Lowery (Army) Retired Tokyo, Japan

Ventris Lowery (Army & National Guard) SFC - Aberdeen, NC - Resides in Ann Arbor, MI

1SG Craig A. Lowry (Army) Retired - Pasadena, MD

SPC Heather Elisa Lowry (US Army) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed in Fort Campbell, KY

A1C Jake Lowry (USAF) - Dillon, SC - Stationed in Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany

Jimmy Gerald Lowry (Army) - Fairmont, NC

SPC Jeffrey S. Lynch (US Army) - Fayetteville, NC - Stationed at HHC 1/15 INF, Fort Benning, GA




Sgt. Don Matthews (Locklear family) (USMC) Active Linden, NC - Resides in Kaneohe Bay, HI

James H. Maynor (USAF) Staff SGT WWII Veteran -  Pembroke, NC

CW2 Robert Maynor(2BCT 82nd A/B)

John E. McDaniel II (Navy)

Gregory McGirt (Army)  1972-76 - Shannon, NC

SPC-4 Terrice McMillan (US ARMY) - Maxton, NC

MSgt. James E. McMullen, Jr (USAF) Hopewell , VA - Stationed at Baghdad International Airport, Iraq

SSgt Lisa M. McNeal (Locklear) (USMC) -Lumberton, NC -Stationed 8th & I, MBW, Washington DC

CPT. Richard T. Middleton (Jacobs Family) (Army) OEF/OIF - Resides in Jacksonville, FL

Jason Miller (USMC) Corp 1996-2001MCB Quantico, VA

Capt. D.R. Moody (USAF) Resigned Warner Robins, GASgt Mark Anthony Morgan - Lumberton, NC - Stationed  in Iraq

John Moore V (Chavis Family) E-5, Navy, Military Police Still Active, From High Point/Greensboro, NC   Lives in NAS Lemoore, CA

Scotty Lee Moore (US Navy) E5 Dundalk, MD - Norfolk VA
Rodney Allen Nichols, Jr. (US Air Force) Stationed in Omaha, NE - Laurinburg, NC




HM2 (SW) Carrie Lambert Oden (Navy) - Lumberton, NC

A1C Alicia C. Oxendine (USAF) Pembroke, NC - Stationed at Tinker AFB, OK

Andy Oxendine (USAF) MSgt Retired - Pembroke, NC

MM1 Anthony D. Oxendine (US Navy) - Newbern, NC - Stationed at Norfolk, VA

SGT Barry S. Oxendine (Army National Guard) Raeford, NC

Christopher G. Oxendine - RP2nd Class Petty Officer (Navy) - Pembroke, NC

CPL Jason A. Oxendine (USMC) - Maxton, NC

Cpl. Jason Andrew Oxendine (USMC) - Maxton, NC

2Lt Jimmy Oxendine (USAF) - Fairmont, NC - Stationed at Patrick AFB, Florida

CPL John Oxendine

EM2 (SW/AW) Nekime M. Oxendine (Navy) - Fairmont, NC - Stationed in Mayport, FL

Eugene Oxendine (Retired Navy) - Fairmont, NC

James Howard Oxendine (WWII 630th Tank Destroyer) Charlotte, NC

Jesse E. Oxendine (WWII 82nd A/B Div.) 325 Glider Inf. Charlotte, NC

LCPL Jesse P. Oxendine (USMC) - Fairmont, NC

AMN Kelvin Ray Oxendine (USAF) Lumberton, NC - Stationed at Robins AFB, GA

Leon Oxendine (Army) SSGT Retired FT. Bragg, NC - Resides in Charlotte, NC

SSgt Ortagus L. Oxendine (USAF) - St. Augustine, FL - Stationed at Robins AFB, GA

PFC Perry Marcus Oxendine (US Army) - Rowland, NC

SGT Richard Oxendine (Army) - Stationed in Iraq

Maj. Ron Oxendine (USMC) Retired - Maxton, NC - Resides in Arlington, VA

Simeon Oxendine (WWII 8th USAF) Gunner B-17 Bomber - Pembroke, NC

SSg Spencer L. Oxendine, Sr. (US Army) - Retired disabled Vietnam Veteran, Fairmont, NC

SSGT Stefanie Oxendine (Air Force) - Lumberton, NC

TSgt Terry Bryant Oxendine (USAF) Pembroke, NC - Stationed at Altus AFB, Oklahoma

William Earl Oxendine (WWII 10th Air Force) Nose Gunner B-24 Bomber - Charlotte, NC




S.Sgt. Fred "Javon" Pedro (Army) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed in Iraq

SSgt Pedro M. Pena (Air Force) -Fayetteville, NC

Airman Lorenzo Porter (ADAA, USN) - Lumberton, NC - Stationed in Norfolk, VA

SSG Robert Price (Army) - Fayetteville, NC - Stationed at Ft Carson, CO - currently in Iraq








SSgt Geno Ransom  (USAF) Union Chapel Community - Pembroke, NC - Stationed at Charleston AFB, SC

AO2 Stephen Ransom (Navy) - Pembroke, NC

William E. Reavis (Navy) SFC Retired - Winston-Salem, NC

Robert (Bobby) Regan, Chief Petty Officer (Navy) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed in Norfolk VA

SSGT John Wesley Revels (28th DIV INF Army) - Lumberton, NC  World War II Veteran

Max Riddle (Army) 1SG Retired - Disabled Veteran - Pembroke, NC

MSG Max Riddle (Army) Pembroke, NC - Stationed in Ft. Knox, KY

Major Payton Ridley (Army) - Stockbridge, GA - Stationed in Baghdad, Iraq

SrA Jessica Rifenberg (USAF) Rogersville, TN - Stationed at Robins AFB, GA

Sgt 1st Class Jummy R. Rogers(US Army Medical Support Unit) - Stationed in Tucson, AZ



SGT. Max A. Sampson (82nd Airborne) - Served in the Vietnam, Now lives in Maimi, Florida.


Sgt. Rocky Sampson (Army) - Saddletree Community

TSgt. Michael Sampson (USANG) Lumberton, NC - Stationed at NC Air National Guard Base, Charlotte, NC

PFC. Walter Sanderson (Marines) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed in California

SSGT. Christopher Scott

Terry Abhan Scott, Jr. (US Navy) - St. Pauls - Stationed in Mayport, FL

Staff Sergeant William G. Sealey (Army) - Rowland, NC

Sp/3rd Class Albert Palmer Short (US Army) - Korea 1956, 1957 -Resides in St. Augustine FL

M/Sgt Robert Lee Short (82nd Airborne) Deceased

Sr. Airman Desmond D. Smith (USAF Reserve) - Dobbins Air Force Reserve Base, GA

SFC Donald Wayne Smith (US Army) Military Police - Retired- Spring City, TN

Major Donna C. Smith (USAF) Bellevue, Nebraska - Stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany

Jerry Lee Smith (Retired E-8 25 yrs) - Lumberton, NC -Retired at Fort Sills, OK

PFC Jonathan Smith (US Army) - Atlanta, GA - Stationed at Camp Liberty, Baghdad

SGM Leon Smith (Army) Retired - Maxton, NC

Lance Corporal Nakia L. Smith - Lumberton, NC - Stationed in Camp Legune, NC

SSGT Pamela Smith (Airforce) - Goldsboro, NC - Stationed in Aviano, Italy

Sgt Vonnie Smith A-Co 1-252 Armor (Army National Guard) FOB Cobra, Iraq

SSG Weldon GrayWolf Smith (Army) 101st Airborne Div - Stationed at Fort Gordon, GA

SrA Stacey L. Spain (USAF) - Haysville, KS - Stationed in RAF Croughton, UK

James A. Speed (US Navy) Radioman 3rd Class - Venice, FL

SP3 James R. Speed (US Army) Clearwater, FL

Stephen E. Speed (Army Air Corps) Deceased

Major Adam Strickland (USMC) - Alexandria, VA - Stationed at Quantico, VA - Deployed to Iraq

Earl Cranston Strickland (US Army) - Fairmont, NC - stationed in Germany

SSG Edward Strickland, Jr. (NC National Guard) CO C Southern Pines NC - Resides in Rowland, NC

GM1 Jeffrey L. Strickland (USCG) - St. Mary's, GA

Kenny Strickland (Retired TSGT USAF) - Pembroke, NC

Millicent C. Strickland (USANG) - Fairmont, NC - NCANG Charlotte, NC

MC2 (SW/AW) Tiffany L. Stricklin (Navy) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed on USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Norfolk, VA

SSgt. Rodney P. Sullivan (Red Springs National Guard) - Pembroke, NC

SSgt Scotty Sweatt (USAF Security Forces) - Hope Mills, NC




TSGT Tammy Bartley Terry (NCANG) - Fort Mills, SC - unit based in Charlotte, NC

Ronald Timberlake (Army) Vietnam Veteran E-5 - Dallas, Texas

Larry M. Townsend (Army) SP5 Vietnam 1969 - Pembroke, NC

SFC James L. Tubbs (Army) - Lumberton, NC - Stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska

SGT Anna Marie Locklear Turner (US Army) Veterean - Fairmont, NC








Corporal Brandon Lee Valentine (USMC) Hamilton, GA - Stationed in Camp Lejuene, NC




SFC Chris A. Warren E-7(Army) - Lumberton, NC - Stationed in Syracuse, NY

Sgt Micah Eugene Wells (Army) - Pembroke, NC - Stationed in Baumholder Germany

PFC Brad White (USMC) - Lumberton, NC

Lt. Col. Cynthia Rene' Locklear White (USAF) Stationed at 7AF South Korea

David A. White (Army) deceased MSG Vietnam 1968 - Waynesboro, PA

Troy H. White (Army) From: Lumberton, NC     Stationed in Iraq

Tennille Wilkins (US Army Disabled Vet Retired) - Rowland, NC

TSGT Paul Wilkins (USAF) - St Pauls, NC - Stationed at Minot AFB, ND

Spec. Jon Brian Wilson (Army) - Lumberton, NC

SFC Hope Locklear Winford (Army) - Red Springs, NC - Stationed in Fort Bragg, NC

Staff Sgt. Clifton L. Woods (Army) - Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Thomas H. Wynn (US Army) - Retired - Lumberton - Elizabeth, NC

Jacquline Wynne - Lumberton, NC - Stationed in Ft. Drum, NY

Sgt Willie Wynne (Army) - Lumberton, NC - Stationed at Fort Drum, NY








Joan A. Young (Army) Vietnam Veteran SP-4 - Lumberton, NC




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